Gender and sexuality, while addressed in a large number of courses across the university curriculum, are seldom the sole topic of a course. Many of the courses where gender and/or sexuality take up a central position are part of the interuniversity Master in Gender and Diversity, jointly organised by the universities of Antwerp, Brussel, Ghent, Leuven and Hasselt.

History of the Body, Gender, and Sexuality, by Prof. Henk de Smaele

Gender and Diversity in European and International Politics, by Prof. Petra Debusscher

Gender and Development, by Prof. Nathalie Holvoet


Courses that are not included in the interuniversity Master in Gender and Diversity: 

Sociology of the Family, by Prof. Sarah van de Velde

Sociolinguistics by Prof. Reinhild Vandekerckhove

Gender and sexuality module in Literary Theory 2, by Prof. Bart Eeckhout

Constructing Age in Modern Literature by Prof. Vanessa Joosen

Women Writers in Modern British Literature by Prof. Vanessa Joosen