Gender and sexuality matter, as markers of social division, inequality and discrimination but also as sources of meaning and pleasure. Across a number of disciplines, researchers at the University of Antwerp explore the manifold dimensions of these issues, their intersections, as well as intersections with other social markers. Exploring but also questioning distinctions between men and women, gay and straight, their binary understanding, as well as the range of other denominators used in this context, they hope to contribute to a better understanding of our gendered and sexualized society.

The Antwerp Gender and Sexuality Studies Network cherishes the diversity of this field, in terms of disciplinary context, theoretical frameworks, conceptualisations and categorisations, as well as methodological approaches to study them. It aims to create an open environment for knowledge exchange, not limiting the field in disciplinary terms nor in terms of social and identity categories, as symbolised in our acronym, A*.

Our aim is to create connections, exchange knowledge, and generate new initiatives, be it in research, education, or society at large. Besides bringing together and promoting research and activities initiated by individual researchers, our aim is to also set up new activities and collaborations.

A* is also connected to the LGBTQ Forum, a network uniting academics from all Flemish universities working on issues of sexuality with activists and public society representatives.