ARIA conducts and supervises research in, with and about the arts, along with the three Antwerp Schools of Arts (Sint-Lucas, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp). Ongoing research within ARIA includes technical, scientific and biological (material) research, as well as interpretative theoretical and empirical research on the role of the arts and arts practice in society.

In addition, the research also focuses on the economic, political and social working conditions of artists and the impact of this (changing) social context on their artistic output. In other words, the common denominator in all research conducted at ARIA is contemporary art. The starting point is always the technical, interpretative or social issues that emerge in an artistic work or development process. Artists and designers then search for solutions or answers to these issues in cooperation with scientists.

Call for applications Master of Research in Art & Design 2018-2019

St Lucas School of Arts in Antwerp, is currently receiving applications for its Master of Research in Art & Design 2018–19. ‘Making Identities’ will be its new, thematic focus, aiming to foster a critical reflection on the construction and proliferation of artistic, visual, political, ecological, urban, national, narrative, religious, corporate or cosmic identities today.

How do they take shape in individual and collective bodies and how are they being sustained? Are identities always in the making and how do they oscillate between inclusivity and exclusivity? To what degree do fiction, stories and (foundational) myths play a role here? And is the artist’s/designer’s position one of complicity or criticality?

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