Probe microphone - Brüel & Kjær 4182

Probe Microphone Type 4182 allows sound pressure measurements to be made in small or awkward places or in harsh environments where a conventional microphone would be unsuitable. The probe microphone has a smooth frequency response from 1Hz to 20kHz, with a very smooth high-frequency roll-off.

Physically, it is very small and lightweight and has a durable construction. Measurements can be performed extremely close to the sound source due to its small size. Measurement points can be closely spaced when it is necessary to have high spatial resolution.

The high impedance of the narrow probe tip enables measurements in very small volumes – as small as 1cm3 with only minor effects due to acoustic loading. Interchangeable stiff and flexible probe tubes, of various lengths, make the probe microphone very adaptable for measurements in awkward places (for safety reasons Probe Microphone Type 4182 is not suitable for measurements on the human body).

The static pressure inside the probe microphone can be equalised to that of the measurement site.


Free-field microphone - Brüel & Kjær 4188


Type 4188 is designed for free-field measurements where an economy microphone with medium sensitivity is required.


Sensitivity: 31.6 mV/Pa
Frequency: 8 Hz – 12.5 kHz
Dynamic Range: 15.8 – 146 dB
Temperature: – 30 to +125°C
Polarization: Prepolarized




Free-field microphone - Brüel & Kjær 4165


Type 4165 is designed for high-precision free-field measurements where a microphone with high sensitivity is required.


Sensitivity: 45.7 mV/Pa
Frequency: 2 Hz –20 kHz
Dynamic Range: 24 – 146 dB
Temperature: – 10 to +50°C
Polarization: 200 V