Alumni Association Antwerpen in Fiscalibus

Antwerp in Fiscalibus is a students’ association containing all the former and current students of the Master in Tax Law which is organized since 1997 at the University of Antwerp.
The Association holds a gathering twice a year, one in the spring and one in the autumn. All the current and former students of the Master of tax law are invited. During the meetings,academic lectures are held on current topics in tax law, ondefended PhD topics and tax practice problems. The speakers are either graduates of the program, doctoral students of the Antwerp Tax Academy ( or distinguished external domestic or foreign guest speakers.

During the meetings,members also have the opportunity to make suggestions and to provide feed back regarding thetax law program at the Universityof Antwerp.

Afterwards  a reception is held where former students can informally socialize and current students can come in contact with former students.

The members ofthe association also have the opportunity to participate in seminars and conferences organized under the auspicesof the aforementioned Interfaculty Institute for Tax Science ‘Antwerp Tax Academy’.

The association does not have its own operating funds. It is entirely dependent on the efforts of Prof. dr. Bruno Peeters (coordinator of the Master in Tax Law) and  of Mr. Kristof Wuyts (Presidentof the Association). The associationcan also rely on the administrative support of Ms. Jeanine Mertens and varying sponsors. This sponsorship of a meeting is always undertakenby eminent law firms, tax, advisory and audit firms.  


Tobe kept informed of the activities of the association, alumni can contact:

Prof. Bruno Peeters, Head Coordinator Master Tax Law (bruno.peeters @
Mr. Kristof Wuyts, President Antwerp in fiscalibus and tax consultant (
Ms. Jeanine Mertens, administrative assistant (jeanine.mertens @


In addition,Antwerp in Fiscalibus recently attended linkedin (> groups -> Antwerpen in fiscalibus). You can also stay informed of its activitiesin this way.