ACAM is open to collaborations with partners from Academia or Industry, preferably oriented towards pre-clinical research.

What we offer:

  • high-end imaging infrastructure
  • expertise in sample preparation
  • image informatics expertise

How we operate:

The core facility can provide support on all facets of the microscopy workflow, from setup and sample preparation, image acquisition, down to image and data analysis.
However, microscopes can also be used to study samples you prepared yourself or you can enquire for support with the analysis of your images.
Depending on your project or inquiry, experiments will be performed by the staff of the core facility or can be done by yourself.
All users need to follow a specific training before being allowed to work with the microscopes.


We encourage scientific collaborations but are also open to fee-for-service projects. Irrespective of the formula, microscopy usage is subject to a fixed hour rate. Depending on the task at hand, consumables may be charged as well.
For enquiries or questions, please contact the core facility manager, Isabel Pintelon (