Research areas

The Laboratory of Cell Biology and Histology (CBH) is an interfaculty research group, uniting scientists from the Faculty of Biomedical, Pharmaceutical and Veterinary sciences and the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Their joint mission is to elucidate the cell biological principles of human physiology and disease, so as to expose new entry points for diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

Core research lines strongly align with key research domains at the University of Antwerp, such as Neurobiology, Oncology, Imaging and Infectious diseases. The research is fueled by solid expertise in cell, tissue and systems biology and finds a common denominator in the use and development of advanced microscopy technology. 

In line with the latter, CBH also operates as the Antwerp Centre for Advanced Microscopy (ACAM), providing high-end microscopy service tailored towards both ultrastructure and live cell-imaging applications. As microscopy hub, CBH is founding member of the Centre of Excellence ‘µNeuro’ and of the former IOF-consortium ‘EGAMI’ and the new IOF-consortium ‘iMARK’ of the University of Antwerp, the University valorisation platform for Imaging.

Key research areas

Translational gut and lung research

Accelerated Aging Diseases

Next-generation Microscopy