• 23
    Graphene smart membranes can control water
    Researchers of the University of Manchester's National Graphene Institute and the CMT group at the University of Antwerp have achieved a long-sought-after objective of electrically controlling water flow through membranes.
  • 19
    Puzzling results explained: a multiband approach to Coulomb drag and indirect excitons
    Mystifying results in excitonic Coulomb drag experiments obtained independently by two research groups in the USA explained by the CMT group in a recent Physical Review Letters paper.
  • 22
    Graphene well-suited for rapid internet
    Ben Van Duppen (University of Antwerp) and his international colleagues are paving the way for a successful internet of things.
  • 12
    Superfast superconducting vortices
    A team of researchers, including Prof. Milošević and Ph.D student Ž. Jelić from the CMT group at UAntwerpen, reports the first direct microscopic imaging of superfast superconducting vortices (in: Physics Today).
  • 19
    Buckling graphene takes a Lévy flight
    In this latest research, Paul Thibado and colleagues at the University of Arkansas, Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University and University of Antwerp (Prof. F.M Peeters from the Condensed Matter Theory group) used scanning tunnelling microscopy to study the surface of freestanding graphene at the atomic scale.
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    Fysici observeren één eeuw oude voorspelling
    Een team van Amerikaanse, Japanse en Belgische onderzoekers vonden een nieuwe methode om elektronen in grafeen te controleren en te manipuleren.
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    Prestigious Francqui Chair awarded to Prof François Peeters
    As part of the prestigious Francqui Chair, Prof François Peeters (Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, UAntwerp) gives an inaugural lecture and specialized lecture series about the characteristics and possibilities of the versatile material graphene.
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    GP GPU scientific computing: the bottom-up approach
    Mid June 2014 an introduction to the fundamentals of GP GPU parallel computing applied on standard computational routines in all areas of science will be scheduled.