Model-based systems engineering for CPS

CoSys-Lab focuses on Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) for the development of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), with main focus on the embedded software for CPS. For optimal design of the embedded software, our motto is that the engineer also needs to consider all other entities interacting with the embedded system: the hardware components, the physical components (mechanical, electrical, …), the environment (user stimuli, …), etc. CoSys-Lab therefore contributes to simulation techniques, deployment techniques of control models onto embedded architectures, and testing techniques for Cyber-Physical Systems.

Our research is situated on the cross-road of modellingsoftware deployment, and development processes.

Examples of realisations are:

  • Automatic model transformations in Simulink
  • AUTOSAR-based controller for a hybrid drivetrain
  • Timing analysis of embedded software
  • Annotation of Simulink models with software execution times (Round-Trip Engineering)
  • FMI-based co-simulation

The power window: hybrid (continuous and discrete) modelling

The Round-Trip Engineering tool: annotation of control models with software execution times

Rule-based automatic exploration of the deployment space realised by model transformation techniques