Energy, and especially electrical energy, plays a crucial role in achieving global climate targets. This will require a combination of sustainable electricity production and a more intelligent use of electrical energy. 40% of all electrical energy is used by machines driven by electric motors. That is why we focus on minimising the energy consumption of these machines in our research. This is very good for the climate and for the Flemish machine builders we work closely with. The methods we develop try to consider all aspects of machine design. We optimise motion profiles, determine the best possible settings for motion controllers, consider the choice of different gears, look at whether the dimensions and material volumes can be improved, etc. By using these methods, we were able to obtain an improved design for the emergency ventilator shown in the figure below, which reduced the electrical energy required for ventilating a patient in intensive care by 47%. Apart from the mechanical design, we also improved the control of electric motors, as a result of which the propeller drive of our solar boat can be made 5% more powerful than that of the other participating teams. The latter without us having to replace a single component.