Research cluster 'City and Environmental Studies'

In this research cluster we study urban and environmental problems. We often do this separately, but increasingly also focus on the intersection between the two. Both the defining of and solution to ecological challenges are more and more situated in an urban context.

With regard to urban social problems, CRESC's research focuses mainly on poverty, ethnic-cultural diversity and immigration in cities, the political economy of (peripheral) urban development, public space and community development, urban policy, participation, civil society and citizen solidarity and housing and housing policy. Research into environmental problems includes environmental nuisance, environmental and health risks, integrated water management, nuclear waste, (transitions in) the energy and food system and sustainable materials management.

The interaction between the analysis of urban and environmental problems occurs, amongst others  in research on urban renewal and urbanisation processes, spatial planning and housing policy, environmental justice, participation in knowledge production and policy-making and sustainability transitions (e.g. in urban energy and food strategies).

Cluster coordinators: Ilse Loots and Stijn Oosterlynck