Policy and Quality

School policy and quality assurance is one of the areas with which Edubron first began as a research group.  Key concepts in the field of school policy are policy-making capacities; the evaluation of teaching staff; and the development of innovative learning environments (e.g. supervised autonomous learning). Quality assurance is also a common theme running through a great deal of our research, for example, in the development and validation of self-evaluation-instruments (for primary and secondary education; for pupil guidance centres and for centres of primary education);  our focus on the evaluation of self-evaluation; the relationship between internal and external evaluation;  and the evaluation of external evaluation (school inspections). These subjects are analysed using both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Another particular area of interest is the use of data for policy-making in schools. 

Recent publications

Vanhoof, J., Van Petegem, P., & de Maeyer, S. (2015). Het effect van schoolcultuur op het verloop van zelfevaluaties: een padmodel vanuit lerarenperspectief. Pedagogische Studiën, 92, 82-96.

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Schildkamp, K., Vanhoof, J., Van Petegem, P., & Visscher, A. J. (2012). The use of school self-evaluation results in the Netherlands and Flanders. British Educational Research Journal, 38(1), 125-152.