MICA (led by prof. Sigrid Stroobants) consists of a molecular probe development team, a preclinical imaging laboratory and a clinical department putting this lab at the forefront of bench to bedside research in molecular diagnostics.

MICA housed in a custom-built facility with state-of-the-art equipment:


  • on-site cyclotron (Siemens Eclipse HP 11MeV)  
  • 10 different hot cell units (Veenstra synthesis modules, fastlabs GE),
  • fully-equipped QC lab (HPLC, automated gamma-counter, ...)
  • GMP-certification in progress.

Pre-clinical imaging lab

  • SPF animal facility with capacity of up to 500 rodents
  • two preclinical PET/CT cameras (Siemens Inveon)
  • simultaneous PET/SPECT/CT small animal scanner (MILabs VECTor/CT) 
  • automated gamma counter and HPLC for metabolite analysis
  • fully-equipped cell culture lab for tracer validations
  • μradiotherapy irradiator system (x-RAD)
  • pre-clinical TMS set-up
  • fluorescence/optical camera (IVIS)

Nuclear Medicine (clinical department)

  • integrated dual headed SPECT/CT 
  • ToF PET/CT camera (Siemens)

More detailed information on MICA's research and capabilities can be found on the website of MICA.