Research & Expertise

In a nutshell the research of IMARK can be summarized as applied biomedical imaging research in neurosciences (core-business) and oncology (emerging field) and fundamental research on imaging method development (including processing algorithms, biomarker validation, development of novel radiotracers and hardware devices to facilitate imaging procedures).

IMARK has internationally recognized expertise in the field of neuro-imaging with most projects focusing on neurodegenerative disorders. In oncology IMARK is setting-up translational research projects to develop and evaluate novel radiotracers for better patient stratification and monitoring of therapy response.

For developing new processing (and acquisition) methods IMARK is backed-up by the experience of the Vision Lab to enable advanced image processing (reconstruction, segmentation and analysis algorithms).

Finally, our engineers frequently have innovative ideas for hardware devices facilitating the imaging research.


More information on specific research projects can be found via the left menu or via the website of the respective IMARK partner.