Bio-Imaging Lab

The Bio-Imaging Lab (led by prof. Annemie Van Der Linden) performs in vivo neuro-imaging (with focus on MRI) to study neurodegeneration, neuroregeneration and neuroplasticity in laboratory animals. In addition, the lab is a core facility for in vivo imaging.

To this end, the Bio-Imaging has following infrastructure:

Small animal MRI systems

  • Two 7 Tesla Pharmascans (Bruker BioSpin, Germany)
  • One 9.4 Tesla BioSpec (Bruker BioSpin, Germany)
  • One Benchtop 4.7 Tesla MR System (MR Solutions, UK).

Optical imaging

  • One Biospace Photon Imager
  • One IVIS camera (owned by Dept.of Medicine - Oncolocy)

Micro CT systems

  • one in vivo micro-CT (Skyscan 1076)
  • one in vitro micro-CT (Skyscan 1072)

More detailed information on the research of the Bio-Imaging Lab can be found on the website of the Bio-Imaging Lab.