Focus areas

Our research objectives are intricately designed to elevate the standards of primary care services, enhancing patient and caregiver well-being and guaranteeing fair access to these services. We are devoted to leading the way in innovative, community-centered, interdisciplinary research that garners global recognition. Our focused areas of research include:

  1. Integrated Care: Emphasizing a holistic approach, we focus on integrating primary and palliative care, internal medicine, geriatrics, and services for individuals with intellectual disabilities.
  2. Infectious Diseases: Addressing the critical need for research in infectious diseases within primary care settings to improve diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.
  3. Primary Mental Health and Self-care: Investigating strategies to bolster mental health and promote self-care practices in primary care.
  4. Disease Prevention and Health Promotion: Advancing research in preventive measures, health promotion, and enhancing health literacy among populations.
  5. Innovation in Medical Practice and Education: Pioneering new methodologies and approaches in medical practice and education to adapt to evolving healthcare landscapes.
  6. Sarcopenia and Frailty: Delving into research on age-related conditions, focusing on sarcopenia and frailty, to improve elderly care.
  7. Health Economics and Public Health Delivery: Examining the economic aspects of healthcare delivery and its implications on public health policies and practices.

Through these focal areas, we aim to contribute significantly to the field of primary care and establish a benchmark for excellence and innovation in healthcare research.