Primary and Interdisciplinary Care (ELIZA)


The "Primary and Interdisciplinary Care Antwerp" research group (ELIZA; Eerstelijns- en Interdisciplinaire Zorg Antwerpen) has a core mission to advance research in family medicine and integrated primary care. Our goal is to enhance the quality of primary care services and promote the well-being of both patients and caregivers while ensuring equitable access to these services. We are committed to pioneering, community-focused, interdisciplinary research that achieves international distinction. As one of the three pillars within the Department of Family Medicine and Population Health (FAMPOP), we concentrate on key areas of:

  • Integrated care in primary and palliative care, internal medicine, geriatrics and for people with intellectual disability
  • Infectious diseases in primary care
  • Primary mental health and self-care
  • Disease prevention, health promotion and health literacy
  • Innovation of medical practice and medical education
  • Sarcopenia and frailty
  • Health economics and public health organisation

Specialized education and research centers

Within ELIZA, our collaborative framework brings together education and research centers, each dedicated to advancing knowledge and practice in their respective fields. These include:

  • Centre for General Practice: A hub for training and education in the field of general practice medicine, focusing on comprehensive care.
  • Geriatics (site in Dutch): Dedicated to the study and improvement of healthcare for the elderly, this center addresses the complexities and nuances of geriatric care.
  • Handicap Studies (site in Dutch): Focusing on research and education related to disabilities, this center aims to enhance care and support for individuals with disabilities.
  • Palliative Care (site in Dutch): This center specializes in the research and training of healthcare professionals in palliative care, ensuring quality end-of-life care.

Each of these centers contributes to the overarching mission of ELIZA, working collaboratively to foster innovation and excellence in their respective domains.​