The research group has cultivated substantial expertise in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, which is evidenced by our prominent participation in international research courses and networks. Many of our staff members are engaged on a part-time basis, seamlessly blending their academic responsibilities with clinical roles, chiefly in general practice. This integration of rigorous academic inquiry with practical clinical experience is our paramount contribution to society. Furthermore, this profound connection with the primary care landscape guarantees that our research endeavors are practically oriented towards addressing real-world healthcare challenges, thus improving their applicability and impact in routine medical settings.

For additional details or inquiries, please reach out to any of the following staff members:

  • Paul Van Royen (spokesperson)
  • Sibyl Anthierens
  • Hilde Bastiaens
  • Samuel Coenen
  • Anne-Marie De Cock
  • Kris Van den Broeck
  • Josefien van Olmen
  • Veronique Verhoeven
  • Johan Wens
  • Lander Willem