The posters presented by EMAT-members at different international conferences are collected within a Flickr account, so they are also on exhibit after the conferences are finished.  If you would like to browse through the posters, follow the link below.

PhD Defences 2022

Ece Arslan Irmak

"Modelling three-dimensional nanoparticle transformations based on quantitative transmission electron microscopy "
October 2021

Promotor: Prof. dr. Sara Bals, Prof. dr. Sandra Van Aert

Aäron Penders

Microstructural investigation of irradiation assisted stress corrosion cracking mechanism based on focused ion beam analysis

Promotor: Prof. dr. Schryvers Nick, Milan Konstantinović, Rik-Wouter Bosch

Lien Pacquets

Towards stable Cu-Ag bimetallic nanoparticles to boost the electrocatalytic CO2 reduction

Promotor: Prof. dr. Sara Bals,  Prof. dr. Breugelmans Tom

Hao Yansong

A joint experimental-modeling study of the structure and properties of functional molecular monolayers for the control of organic crystal growth

Promotor: Prof. dr. Sandra Van Aert, Prof. dr. Roberto Lazzaroni


Daen Jannis

"Novel Detection Schemes for Transmission Electron Microscopy"
November 2021

Promotor: Prof. dr. Johan Verbeeck

Viveksharma Prabhakara

"Strain measurement for semiconductor applications with Raman spectroscopy and Transmission electron microscopy"
October 2021

Promotor: Prof. dr. Sara Bals, Prof. dr. Johan Verbeeck & Prof. dr. Wilfried Vandervorst

Abner Velazco

"Alternative scan strategies for high resolution STEM imaging"
October 2021

Promotor: Prof. dr. Johan Verbeeck

Adrián Pedrazo-Tardajos

"Advanced graphene supports for 3D in situ transmission electron microscopy"
September 2021

Promotor: Prof. dr. Sara Bals

Kai Du

"In Situ TEM Study on the Manipulation of Ferroelectrics"
June 2021

Promotor: Prof. dr. Gustaaf Van Tendeloo, Prof. dr. He Tian, Prof. dr. Sara Bals                          

Alexander Skorikov

"Fast approaches for investigating 3D elemental distribution in nanomaterials"
June 2021

Promotor: Prof. dr. Sara Bals



"Study of the effect of cation substitution on the local structure and the properties of perovskites and Li-ion battery cathode materials"

October 2020

Promotor: Prof. dr. Joke Hadermann


"Three-dimensional characterisation of nanomaterials: from model-like systems to real nanostructures"
June 2020
Promotor: Prof. Dr. Sara Bals


"Toward Fast And Dose Efficient Electron Tomography"
June 2020
Promotor: Prof. Dr. Sara Bals

Marnik BERCX

"Automated in silico design of materials for energy and plasma applications"
March 2020
Promotors: Prof. Dr. Dirk Lamoen, Prof. Dr. Bart Partoens


"Influence of nano– and microstructural features and defects in fine–grained Ni–Ti on the thermal and mechanical reversibility of the martensitic transformation"
February 2020
Promotors: Prof. Dr. Dominique Schryvers, Prof. Dr. Bert Verlinden


"Characterization of defects, modulations and surface layers in topological insulators and structurally related compounds"
January 2020
Promotors: Prof. dr. Joke Hadermann, Prof. dr. Dirk Lamoen



"Mechanisms of nano-plasticity in as-deposited and hydrided nanocrystalline Pd and Ni thin films"
December 2019
Promotor: Prof. dr. D. Schryvers, Prof. dr. Hosni Idrissi

Xiayang YAO

"An advanced TEM study on quantification of Ni4 Ti3 precipitates in low temperature aged Ni-Ti shape memory alloy"
December 2019
Promotor: Prof. dr. D. Schryvers, Prof. dr. Xin-Ping Zhang


"Nanoscale study of ageing and irradiation induced precipitates in the DIN 1.4970 alloy"
September 2019
Promotor: Prof. dr. D. Schryvers, dr. R. Delville


"Quantitative atom detection from atomic resolution transmission electron microscopy images"
September 2019
Promotor: Prof. dr. S. Van Aert, Dr. ir. A.J. den Dekker



"In-situ Transmission Electron Microscopic Nanomechanical Investigations of Ni"
December 2018
Promotor: Prof. dr. D. Schryvers, Prof. dr. H. Idrissi


"Local Study Of The Band Gap And Structure Of Diamond-Based Nanomaterials By Analytical Transmission Electron Microscopy"
October 2018
Promotor: Prof. dr. Jo Verbeeck


"Advanced Electron Tomography to investigate the growth of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Nanoparticles"
October 2018
Promotor: Prof. dr. Sara Bals

Nathalie CLAES

"3D characterization of coated nanoparticles and soft-hard nanocomposites"
September 2018
Promotor: Prof. dr. Sara Bals


"Quantitative electron diffraction tomography for structure characterization of cathode materials for Li-ion batteries"
July 2018
Promotor: Prof. dr. Joke Hadermann, Prof. dr. Artem M. Abakumov


"2D and 3D Characterization of Plasmonic and Porous Nanoparticles using Transmission Electron Microscopy"
February 2018
Promotor: Prof. dr. Sara Bals


Karel Hendrik Wouter van den Bos

"Quantitative atomic resolution electron microscopy for heterogeneous nanomaterials"
December 2017
Promotor: Prof. dr. Sandra Van Aert

Daniele Zanaga 

"Advanced Algorithms for Quantitative Electron Tomography"
November 2017
Promotor: Prof. Dr. Sara Bals 

Clara García Sánchez

"Quantifying inflow uncertainties for CFD simulations of dispersion in the atmospheric boundary layer"
September 2017
Promotors: Prof. Dr. Gustaaf van Tendeloo & Prof. Dr. Catherine Gorlé (Stanford University, CA, USA)

Eva Bladt

"Two- and three-dimensional transmission electron microscopy of colloidal nanoparticles: from structure to composition"
September 2017
Promotor: Prof. Dr. Sara Bals

Marcos Alania

"Quantification of 3D atomic positions for nanoparticles using scanning transmission electron microscopy: statistical parameter estimation, dose-limited precision and optimal experimental design"
June 27, 2017
Promotor: Prof. Dr. Sandra Van Aert

Alexander Meledin

"Nanostructure of Superconducting Tapes: a study by electron microscopy"
February 27, 2017
Promotor: Prof. Dr. Gustaaf Van Tendeloo

Robert Paria Sena 

"Structure characterization of triple perovskites and related systems by transmission electron microscopy"
February 22, 2017
Promotors: Prof. Dr. Joke Hadermann & Prof. Dr. Gustaaf Van Tendeloo

Julie Gonnissen 

"Optimal statistical experiment design for detecting and locating light atoms using quantitative high resolution (scanning) transmission electron microscopy"
February 13, 2017
Promotors: Prof. Dr. Sandra Van Aert and Prof. Dr. Jan Sijbers


Zhi-Yi HU 

"Electron Microscopy of Hierarchically Structured Nanomaterials: Linking Structure to Properties and Synthesis"
November 29, 2016
Promotors: Prof. Dr. Gustaaf Van Tendeloo and Prof. Dr. Xiaoxing Ke 

Laura Clark

"The creation and quantification of electron vortex beams, towards their application"
September 27, 2016
Promotor: Prof. Dr. Johan Verbeeck 

Roeland Juchtmans

"Novel applications of vortex beams and spiral phase plates in transmission electron microscopy"
 September 23, 2016 
Promotor: Prof. Dr. Johan Verbeeck 

Eva Grieten

"Modifications to the nano-texture of old photographs and daguerreotypes by degradation and atmospheric plasma treatment"
August 26, 2016
Promotors:  Prof. Dr. Dominique Schryvers and Joost Caen 

Maria Meledina

"Advanced electron microscopy characterization of catalysts"
May 24, 2016
Promotors: Prof. Dr. Gustaaf Van Tendeloo and Dr. Stuart Turner 

Ruben Van Boxem

"Electron vortex beams: an in-depth theoretical study"
March 24, 2016
Promotors: Prof. Dr. Jo Verbeeck and Prof. Dr. Bart Partoens

Kristof Van Havenbergh

"Influence of silicon nanoparticle coating on the electrolyte decomposition in Li-ion batteries"
February 2, 2016
Promotors: Prof. Dr. Gustaaf Van Tendeloo and Dr. Ir. Stijn Put



Thomas Altantzis

"Three-Dimensional Characterization of Atomic Clusters, Nanoparticles and their Assemblies by Advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy"
December 15, 2015
Promotor: Prof. Dr. Sara Bals

Mert Kurttepeli

"Carbon Based Materials and Hybrid Nanostructures Investigated by Advance Transmission Electron Microscopy"
December 14, 2015
Promotor: Prof. Dr. Sara Bals

Giulio Guzzinati

"Exploring electron beam shaping in transmission electron microscopy"
November 27, 2015
Promotor: Prof. Dr. Jo Verbeeck

Kirsten Govaerts

"First-principles study of homologous series of layered Bi-Sb-Te-Se and Sn-O structures"
June 11, 2015
Promotors: Prof. Dr. Dirk Lamoen and Prof. Dr. Bart Partoens

Annick De Backer

"Quantitative atomic resolution electron microscopy using advanced statistical techniques"
May 12, 2015
Promotor: Prof. Dr. Sandra Van Aert

Behnam Amin-Ahmadi

"Advanced TEM investigation of the elementary plasticity mechanisms in palladium thin films at the nano scale"
April 22, 2015
Promotors: Prof. Dr. D. Schryvers and Dr. H. Idrissi

Dimitri Roose

"Magnetic resonance imaging and electron microscopy of iron oxide particles in the brain"
March 11, 2015
Promotors: Prof. Dr. Sara Bals, Prof. Dr. Annemie Van der Linden and Prof. Dr. Peter Ponsaerts

Ricardo Juan Egoavil Escobar

"STEM investigation of complex oxides at the atomic scale"
​January 19, 2015
Promotors: Prof. Dr. Jo Verbeeck and Prof. Dr. Gustaaf Van Tendeloo

Gerardo Tadeo Martinez Alanis 

"Quantitative model-based High Angle annular Dark Field Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy"
January 6, 2015
Promotors: Prof. Dr. Sandra Van Aert and Prof. Dr. Jo Verbeeck



Kira Khaletskaya

“Functional Metal-Organic Frameworks: From Bulk to Surface Engineered Properties”
December 2014
Promotors: Prof. Dr. Roland Fischer and Prof.Dr. Gustaaf Van Tendeloo

Christian Wiktor

“Characterization of Metal-Organic Frameworks and other Porous Materials via Advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy”
December 2014
Promotors: Prof. Dr. Roland Fischer and Prof. Dr. Gustaaf Van Tendeloo

Ivan Pedro Lobato Hoyos

"Accurate modeling of high angle electron scattering"
September 2014
Promotor: Prof. Dr. Dirk Van Dyck

Bart Goris

"Advanced electron tomography: 3 dimensional structural characterization  of nanomaterials down to the atomic scale"
May 2014
Promotor: Prof. Dr. Sara Bals

Dmitry Batuk

"Modular Structures with Lone Electron Pair Cations"
May 2014
Promotors: Dr. Artem M. Abakumov, Prof. Dr. Joke Hadermann

Hui Shi

"From functional properties to micro/nano-structures : a TEM study of NiTiNb shape memory alloys (SMAs)"
January 2014
Promotor : prof. Dr. Dominique Schryvers

Kai Li

"Quantitative characterization of microstructural evolution during solidification and ageing of Al-Mg-Si alloys with Cu additions"
Januari 2014
Promotor: Prof. Dr. Dominique Schryvers ,  Prof. Dr. Yong Du , Prof. Dr. Min Song


Maria Filippousi

"Study and characterization of magnetic nanoparticles and zeolites as carriers of metals"
November 2013
Promotors: Prof. Dr. G. Van Tendeloo, Assistant Prof. Dr. Demetris Zamboulis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
Supervisor: Associate Prof. Dr. Eleni Pavlidou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

Yinggang Lu

"Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy (EELS) Characterization of Diamond and Related Materials"
October 2013
Promotors: Prof. Dr. J. Verbeeck, Prof. Dr. G. Van Tendeloo

Maria Batuk

"New perovskite-based homologous series: AnBnO3n-2 and An+1BnO3n-1Cl"
July 2013
Promotors: Prof. Dr. J. Hadermann,  Prof. Dr. A. Abakumov


Walid Dachraoui

"Studying local order and octahedral tilting in perovskite-based compounds by TEM"
July 2012
Promotors: J. Hadermann,  G. Van Tendeloo

Hamed Heidari

"Quantitative electron tomography of nanoparticles
July 2012
Promotor: S. Bals

Frederic Leroux

"Characterization of Soft-Hard Matter Composite Materials by Advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy
June 2012
Promotors: G. Van Tendeloo,  S. Bals

Demid Kirilenko

Characterization of graphene by electron diffraction
June 2012
Promotor: G. Van Tendeloo

Haiyan Tan

From EELS to oxidation state mapping : An investigation into oxidation state mapping of transition metals with electron energy-loss spectroscopy
January 2012
Promotors: G. Van Tendeloo,  J. Verbeeck

Ellen Biermans

Elektronen tomografie: van kwalitatief naar kwantitatief
January 2012
Promotors: S. Bals,  G. Van Tendeloo


Amy (Wei-Chun) Wang

"Quantitative analysis of electron exit waves with single atom sensitivity"
December 2011
Promotors: D. Van Dyck,  S. Van Aert

Binjie Wang

"TEM study of plasticity mechanisms in metals: nanocrystalline Al & Pd thin films and bulk bcc Nb"
December 2011
Promotors: D. Schryvers,  H. Idrissi

Neerushana Jehanathan

"Structural characterisation of complex oxide and rare earth manganite Thin films by electron microscopy"
November 2011
Promotor: G. Van Tendeloo

Hans D'Hondt

"Characterization of anion deficient perovskites"
March 2011
Promotors: J. Hadermann,  G. Van Tendelo



Shanshan Cao

"Quantitative 3D analysis of Ni4Ti3 precipitate morphology and distribution in Ni-Ti by FIB/SEM slice-and-view"
December 2010
Promotor: D. Schryvers

Xiaoxing Ke

"From top-down to bottom-up, from carbon nanotubes to nanodevices"
June 2010
Promotors: G. Van Tendeloo, S. Bals

Remi Delville

"From functional properties to micro/nano-structures : a TEM study of TiNi(X) shape memory alloys"
June 2010
Promotor: D. Schryvers

Liang Zhang

"Electron energy loss spectroscopy: fundamental aspects and its application to diamond"
 June 2010
Promotors: G. Van Tendeloo, J.  Verbeeck

Stuart Turner

"Transmission electron microscopy: characterization of 0-D nanomaterials"
April 2010
Promotor: G. Van Tendeloo

Catherine Gorlé

"Dispersion of fine and ultrafine particules in urban environment Contribution towards an improved modeling methodology for Computational Fluid Dynamics"
Februari 2010
Promotors: G. Van Tendeloo, J. Van Beeck


Dirk Vander Eecken

"De kunst van het onzichtbare"
September 2008


Eduardo Montoya Rossi

"Focused ion beam: a way to prepare high quality TEM specimens "
December 2007
Promotor: G. Van Tendeloo

Wouter Van den Broek

"Advanced Focus Methods in the TEM: Tomographic Reconstruction of the EELS Data Cube / Autofocus of HAADF-STEM Images"
December 2007
Promotors: D. Schryvers, P. Scheunders

Kevin Jorissen

"Ab initio calculation of relativistic electron energy loss spectra "
December 2007
 Promotors: D. Van Dyck, D. Lamoen

Duoduo Liang

"Transmission Electron Microscopy Characterization of Micro- & Meso Porous Materials "
November 2007
Promotor: G. Van Tendeloo

Wim Tirry

"Strains on the Nano- and Microscale in NITI: an advanced TEM study "
July 2007
Promotor: D. Schryvers


Bert Willems

"Structural defects and colour treated diamond: a transmission electron microscopy study "
July 2006
Promotor: G. Van Tendeloo

Radenka Krsmanovic

"Structural Characterisation of Advanced Optical Materials"
June 2006
Promotor: G. Van Tendeloo

Marta Docil Rossell Abrodos

"Structure and local structure of perovskite based materials"
May 2006
Promotor: G. Van Tendeloo


Benny Van Daele

"Transmission electron microscopy: a guide to improved semiconductor structures, GaN-based in particular"
March 2005
Promotor: G. Van Tendeloo


Peggy Fredrickx

"Transmissie-Elektronenmicroscopie voor Archeo-materiaalonderzoek: Nanodeeltjes in glazuur en rood / geel glas en anorganische pigmenten in schilderingen"
December 2004
Promotors: D. Schryvers, J. Wouters


Emmanuela Piscopiello

"Transmission Electron Microscopy Study of Semiconductor Quantum Structures for Optoelectronic Devices"
June 2003

Philippe Geuens

"Quantitative structure determination in transmission electron microscopy by means of the S-state model"
May 2003
Promotors: D. Van Dyck,  G. Van Tendeloo

Sandra Van Aert

"Statistical experimental design for quantitative atomic resolution transmissin electron microscopy"
May 2003
Promotors: A. Van den Bos,  D. Van Dyck

Sara Bals

"Optimisation of superconducting thin films and tapes by transmission electron microscopy"
May 2003
promotor: G. Van Tendeloo


Steven Hens

"Chemical and Structural analysis of semiconductor structures using transmission electron microscopy techniques"
July 2002
Promotors: J. Van Landuyt,  H. Bender

Johan Verbeeck
"Electron energy loss spectroscopy of nanoscale materials"
June 2002
Promotors: G. Van Tendeloo,  D. Van Dyck

Mohammed Yandouzi

"Electron Microscopy Study of nanocrystalline Ni-Al Alloys: thin films and pressed pellets"
January 2002
Promotor: Prof. D. Schryvers


Wouter Van Renterghem

"Defecten in anisotrope zilverhalogenide microkristallen onderzocht met transmissie-elektronenmicroscopie"
December 2001
Promotors: J. Van Landuyt,  D. Schryvers

Changhui Lei

"Structure and local structure of bulk Ba(Mg1/3Ta2/3)O3 and epitaxial BaTiO3  films"
December 2001
Promotor: G. Van Tendeloo

Cindy Stuer

"Characterization of local mechanical stress in sub-0.25 µm micro-electronical technologies"
October 2001
Promotors: J. Van Landuyt,  H. Bender

Wim Schuddinck

"Structural aspects and charge ordering in perovskite based materials studied by transmission electron microscopy"
October 2001
Promotors: G. Van Tendeloo

Bart Pauwels

"Transmission electron microscopy study of clusters and nanostructured mesoporous materials"
June 2001
Promotors: G. Van Tendeloo

Herman Lemmens

"Phase transitions and microstructure in perovskite- and tridymite-type materials: a study by transmission electron microscopy"
June 2001
Promotor: G. Van Tendeloo

Joke Hadermann

"Structural characterisation of fluorinated cuprates"
June 2001
Promotor: G. Van Tendeloo


J. H. Chen

"Accurate Elastic Electron Scattering in Transmission Electron Microscopy"
June 1997
Promotor: D. Van Dyck

Dirk Bernaerts

"Structural Aspects of Fullerenes and Related Materials"
June 1997
Promotors: D. Van Dyck,  G. Van Tendeloo


Karen Verbist

"Microstructure of High-Tc superconducting thin films and junctions"
December 1996
Promotor: G. Van Tendeloo


Paul De Meulenaere

"Order - disorder transitions in FCC-based A4B intermetallic compounds"
March 1995
Promotors: G. Van Tendeloo,  J. Van Landuyt

Claus Goessens

"Structural defects in silver halide microscopy"
March 1995
Promotors: Prof. D. Schryvers, Prof. J. Van Landuyt


Zhang Xiao Bin

"Electron microscopy of ill-defined structures and textures"
September 1994
Promotors: G. Van Tendeloo,  J. Van Landuyt, H. Geise

Wout Luyten

"Growth defects in diamond related structures"
Juni 1994
Promotors: J. Van Landuyt,  G. Van Tendeloo

Zhang Xiao Feng

"Stability and local structure of the Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d"
April 1994
Promotor: G. Van Tendeloo

Marc Op de Beeck

"Direct structure reconstruction in high transmission electron microscopy"
February 1994
Promotor: D. Van Dyck


Thomas Krekels

"Local Structure of compositional Modifications of YBa2Cu3O7"
November 1993
Promotors: J. Van Landuyt,  G. Van Tendeloo


Christos Fanidis

"Inelastic scattering of high energy electrons"
May 1992
Promotors: D. Van Dyck,  J. Van Landuyt


Stefan Kuypers

"Quasiperiodicity in mixed layer structures"
June 1991
Promotor: J. Van Landuyt

Marc Verwerft

"Modulated phases in ceramics"
May 1991
Promotors: J. Van Landuyt,  G. Van Tendeloo


Frank De Jong

"Image interpretation for transmission electron microscopy of thin semiconductor layers and interfaces"
June 1990
Promotors: K. Van der Mast,  D. Van Dyck

Ann De Veirman

"Transmission electron microscopy study of the formation of compound layers by high-dose ion implantation in silicon"
April 1990
Promotors: J. Van Landuyt,  H. Maes

Jan Vanhellemont

"Theoretical and experimental study of processing induced lattice defects in silicon"
March 1990
Promotors: J. Van Landuyt


Dirk Broddin

"Long period modulated structures in Cu- and Au-based alloys"
December 1988
Promotors: J. Van Landuyt,  G. Van Tendeloo


Jan Mahy

"Incommensurate crystals described as defect modulated structures : a study by electron imaging and diffraction"
January 1987
Promotors: J. Van Landuyt


Dominique Schryvers

Order-disorder phenomena in the binary alloys PtxTi, PtxV (3 ≤ x ≤ 8) and Ni3Mo studied by high resolution electron microscopy
Promotors: S. Amelinckx, G. Van Tendeloo​