The posters presented by EMAT-members at different international conferences are collected within a Flickr account, so they are also on exhibit after the conferences are finished.  If you would like to browse through the posters, follow the link below.

PhD Defences 2020

Marnik Bercx

"Automated in silico design of materials for energy and plasma applications"
March 2020
Promotors: Prof. Dr. Dirk Lamoen, Prof. Dr. Bart Partoens


"Influence of nano– and microstructural features and defects in fine–grained Ni–Ti on the thermal and mechanical reversibility of the martensitic transformation"
February 2020
Promotors: Prof. Dr. Dominique Schryvers, Prof. Dr. Bert Verlinden


"Characterization of defects, modulations and surface layers in topological insulators and structurally related compounds"
January 2020
Promotors: Prof. dr. Joke Hadermann, Prof. dr. Dirk Lamoen