The EnviroStress centre of excellence was established in 2015 following an open competitive internal call by the Research Council of UAntwerpen. The consortium's research activities are situated within and across the frontline research domain Ecology and Sustainable Development and the emerging frontline research domain Proteomics, Genomics and Metabolomics.

Environmental Stress in a Rapidly Changing World: EnviroStress

The EnviroStress centre of excellence combines the expertise of three research groups:

SPHERE (Ronny Blust (promotor) and Lieven Bervoets)

Toxicological Centre (Adrian Covaci

BECO (Marcel Eens)

News (see Outreach activities for archive)

06/06/20 Lieven Bervoets (SPHERE) on the airline industry

20/05/20 Gudrun De Boeck (SPHERE) on bioluminescent fish evading elephant seals

16/01/20 Adrian Covaci & Giulia Poma (Toxicological Center) on pollutants in edible insects