Staff members of our group teach a considerable number of courses related to ecology, evolution, general zoology and biostatistics at Bachelor and Master level. Most of these are part of the Biology curriculum but some courses are taught to students in Biomedical Sciences (bachelor and master), Bio-engineering (bachelor), Veterinary Medicine (master) or other life sciences.

Prof. Herwig Leirs teaches general zoology courses as well as specialized courses related to population ecology, parasitology and infectious diseases. He also teaches mammalogy and is coordinator of the tropical field course. 
Prof. Erik Matthysen ’s courses involve basic ecology, evolutionary and behavioural ecology, ornithology, and conservation biology.

Prof. Stefan Van Dongen teaches several basic and advanced statistics courses, as well as basic zoology. Stefan is also core member of the STATUA core facility for statistical expertise, which provides teaching and consultancy for researchers and students.

Visiting prof dr. Luc De Bruyn teaches a specialized course on Entomology.