Publications in the spotlight

Can house sparrows recognize familiar or kin-related individuals by scent?
Fracasso Gerardo   Tulizio Beniamino   Hoi Herbert   Griggio Matteo  
Current zoology - ISSN 1674-5507-65:1 (2019) p. 53-59
An evaluation of classical morphologic and morphometric parameters reported to distinguish wolves and dogs
Janssens Luc   Perri Angela   Crombé Philippe   Van Dongen Stefan   Lawler Dennis  
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports - ISSN 2352-409X-23 (2019) p. 501-533
Environmental factors influencing beaver dam locations
Swinnen Kristijn   Rutten Anneleen   Nyssen Jan   Leirs Herwig  
Journal of wildlife management - ISSN 0022-541X-83:2 (2019) p. 356-364
Contact detection for social networking of small animals
Berkvens Rafael   Herrera Olivares Ivan   Mercelis Siegfried   Kirkpatrick Lucinda   Weyn Maarten  
Advances on P2P, Parallel, Grid, Cloud and Internet Computing Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on P2P, Parallel, Grid, Cloud and Internet Computing (3PGCIC-2018) / Xhafa, Fatos [edit.]-p. 405-414
Genetic structure of natterjack toad (**Epidalea calamita**) populations in Flanders, Belgium, and its implications for conservation
Maes Joke   Van Oosten Raoul   van Houtte Natalie   Matthysen Erik  
Amphibia-reptilia - ISSN 0173-5373-40:2 (2019) p. 193-205
Fenologie in onze bossen, ...over bomen en mezen
Adriaensen Frank   Van de Kerckhove Peter  
Bosreservatenieuws-16 (2019) p. 24-27
Contribution of buffer zone programs to reduce human-wildlife impacts : the case of the Chitwan National Park, Nepal
Lamichhane Babu Ram   Persoon Gerhard A.   Leirs Herwig   Poudel Shashank   Subedi Naresh   Pokheral Chiranjibi Prasad   Bhattarai Santosh   Gotame Pabitra   Mishra Rama   De Iongh Hans  
Human ecology: an interdisciplinary journal - ISSN 0300-7839-47:1 (2019) p. 95-110
Life-history strategies of a facultative cooperative breeder in a fragmented Afrotropical cloud forest
Van de Loock Dries  
Ghent University & University of Antwerp, 2019,148 p.
Accounting for interspecific competition and age structure in demographic analyses of density dependence improves predictions of fluctuations in population size
Gamelon Marlène   Vriend Stefan J.G.   Engen Steinar   Adriaensen Frank   Dhondt André A.   Evans Simon R.   Matthysen Erik   Sheldon Ben C.   Sæther Bernt-Erik  
Ecology letters - ISSN 1461-023X-22:5 (2019) p. 797-806
High prevalence of epilepsy in an onchocerciasis endemic health zone in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, despite 14 years of community-directed treatment with ivermectin : a mixed-method assessment
Mukendi Deby   Tepage Floribert   Akonda Innocent   Siewe Fodjo Joseph Nelson   Rotsaert Anke   Ndibmun Carl Nwana   Laudisoit Anne   Couyreur Simon   Kabutako Blandine   Menon Sonia   Hotterbeekx An   Colebunders Robert  
International journal of infectious diseases - ISSN 1201-9712-79 (2019) p. 187-194
DNA barcoding fishes from the Congo and the Lower Guinean provinces : assembling a reference library for poorly inventoried fauna
Sonet Gontran   Snoeks Jos   Nagy Zoltán T.   Vreven Emmanuel   Boden Gert   Breman Floris C.   Decru Eva   Hanssens Mark   Ibala Zamba Armel   Jordaens Kurt   Mamonekene Victor   Musschoot Tobias   Van Houdt Jeroen   Van Steenberge Maarten   Lunkayilakio Wamuini Soleil   Verheyen Erik K.  
Molecular ecology resources - ISSN 1755-098X-19:3 (2019) p. 728-743
Factors associated with co-occurrence of large carnivores in a human-dominated landscape
Lamichhane Babu Ram   Leirs Herwig   Persoon Gerard A.   Subedi Naresh   Dhakal Maheshwar   Oli Bishwa Nath   Reynaert Simon   Sluydts Vincent   Pokheral Chiranjibi Prasad   Poudya Laxman Prasad   Malla Sabita   De Iongh Hans  
Biodiversity and conservation - ISSN 0960-3115-28:6 (2019) p. 1473-1491
Optimizing the use of zebrafish feeding trials for the safety evaluation of genetically modified crops
Gabriëls Isabelle   Vergauwen Lucia   De Boevre Marthe   Van Dongen Stefan   Blust Ronny   De Saeger Sarah   Eeckhout Mia   De Loose Marc   Knapen Dries  
International journal of molecular sciences - ISSN 1661-6596-20:6 (2019)
Host identification in unfed ticks from stable isotope compositions ($\delta^{13}C$ and $\delta^{15}N$)
Heylen Dieter   Schmidt O.   Dautel H.   Gern L.   Kampen H.   Newton J.   Gray J.  
Medical and veterinary entomology - ISSN 0269-283X-33:3 (2019) p. 360-366
Ticks and tick-borne diseases in the city : role of landscape connectivity and green space characteristics in a metropolitan area
Heylen Dieter   Lasters Robin   Adriaensen Frank   Fonville M.   Sprong H.   Matthysen Erik  
The science of the total environment - ISSN 0048-9697-670 (2019) p. 941-949

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