PhD Theses


Aimeric Teyssier, Influence of urbanisation on the gut microbiota of avian hosts and implications for host fitness (Promotors: Erik Matthysen, Luc Lens, Joël White)

Constance Fastré, Systematic conservation planning in the high Andes of Bolivia: application of modeling tools for integrative management of natural areas (Promotors: Erik Matthysen, Diederik Strubbe)

Frederik Van de Perre. Biodiversity and carbon storage conservation in the Congo Basin lowland rainforests. (promotors: Herwig Leirs, Erik Verheyen, Steven Dessein)


Dries Van de Loock, Life-history strategies of a facultative cooperative breeder in a fragmented Afrotropical cloud forest (Promotors: Luc Lens, Erik Matthysen)

Joachim Mariën, Transmission ecology of Old World arenaviruses in natural populations of their reservoir hosts. (promotor: Herwig Leirs)

Babu Ram Lamichhane, Living with the large carnivores. A study examining the interaction between humans, tigers and leopards in Chitwan National Park, Nepal.  (promotors: Hans de Iongh, Herwig Leirs)

Anneleen Rutten, Modelleren van het schaderisico voor de landbouw in Vlaanderen ten gevolge van de aanwezigheid van het everzwijn (Sus scrofa). (promotors: Herwig Leirs, Jim Casaer)


Simon Shibru, Ecological interactions of terrestrial biodiversity and ecosystems dynamcis in Nechisar National Park, Southern Ethiopia (Promotor: Herwig Leirs)

Koen Vandelannootte, Unveiling the evolutionary history & molecular epidemiology of Mycobacterium ulcerans (Promotor: Herwig Leirs)


Kristijn Swinnen, The return of the European beaver (Castor fiber) in Flanders, Belgium: ecology and risk assessment (Promotors: Herwig Leirs, Erik Matthysen)

Sophie Gryseels, Evolutionary relationships between arenaviruses and their rodent hosts (Promotor: Herwig Leirs)

Benny Borremans, The role of history, co-evolution and divergent selection for the diversity and distribution of Hantaviruses and their rodent hosts in Europe (Promotor: Herwig Leirs)

Arend Raoul Van Oosten, Adaptations to an endophilic lifestyle in the tree-hole tick (Promotors: Erik Matthysen, Dieter Heylen)


Job Aben, Dispersal, connectivity and population viability of birds in a fragmented Afrotropical
cloud forest (Promotors: Erik Matthysen, Luc Lens)

Claartje ten Broek, Starting off bad : perspectives on early development in mammals (Promotor: Stefan Van Dongen)


Matteo Breno, Developmental homeostasis in small mammals: the dark side of variation (Promotors: Stefan Van Dongen, Herwig Leirs)

Gidey Yirga, The ecology and conservation of spotted hyenas (Crocuta crocuta) in a human dominated landscape in northern Ethiopia (Promotors: Herwig Leirs, Hans de Iongh, Geert de Snoo)


Arne Iserbyt, Maintenance of intra-sexual polymorphism in female damselflies (Promotors: Stefan Van Dongen, Hans Van Gossum, Jessica Bots)

Jan Kennis, Study of tropical rainforest rodents: biodiversity and adaptation ability to changing habitats around Kisangani, D.R. Congo (Promotor: Herwig Leirs)

Yonas Madebo Meheretu, Ecology of rodents in agroecosystems in northern Ethiopia: pest and public health (Promotor: Herwig Leirs)

Thijs van Overveld, Does personality drive dispersal? Causes and consequences of individual dispersal strategies in the great tit (Promotor: Erik Matthysen)


Dieter Heylen, Parasite-host interactions between ticks and hole-breeding songbirds (Promotor: Erik Matthysen)

Bruno Nevado, Natural hybridization and environmental changes: effects on the genetic diversity of East African cichlids (Promotors: Erik Verheyen, Thierry Backeljau)

Rob Moerkens, A study on the population dynamics of earwigs: why do population sizes vary? (Promotors: Herwig Leirs, Bruno Gobin)


Jennifer Cahill, The response of two specialist birds (Oreomanes fraseri and Leptasthenura yanacensis) to the fragmentation of high-Andean Polylepis forest (Promotor: Erik Matthysen)

Philippe Helsen, Evolution on Galapagos as revealed by endemic Opuntia cacti and their insect herbivore (Promotors: Stefan Van Dongen, Peter Verdyck)

Simon Neerinckx, Insights in the ecology of plague using spatial and ecological models at distinct scales and resolutions (Promotors: Herwig Leirs, Jozef Deckers, Hubert Gulinck)

Katrien Tersago, spatial and temporal variation of puumala hantavirus infection in Belgium: an eco-epidemiological study (Promotors: Herwig Leirs, Ron Verhagen)

Ximena Velez-Liendo, Conservation of Andean bears (Tremarctos ornatus) in a fragmented landscape – habitat models, potential distribution and patch connectivity (Promotor: Erik Matthysen)


Anne Laudisoit, Diversity, ecology and status of potential hosts and vectors of the plague Bacillus yersinia pestis (Promotor: Herwig Leirs, Roland Libois)

Vincent Sluydts, A bio-economic model for rodent control in Africa: a regional solution for a local problem? (Promotor: Herwig Leirs)

Diederik Strubbe, Invasive ring-necked parakeets Psittacula krameri in Europe: invasion success, habitat selection and impact on native bird species (Promotor: Erik Matthysen)


Jessica Bots, The maintenance of female colour polymorphism in a damselfly (Promotor: Stefan Van Dongen)