Integrating Epi-related teaching and research

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the UAntwerp provides service-education via Epi-courses in several Bachelor & Master programs like the MEPI program or the 'local' EBQs organised at partner countries from the Global South. Besides, the faculty offers programs outside the faculty at the UAntwerp as well as at other universities of the Flemish community. Because of the continuous strengthening of Epi-expertise at the faculty, there was need to create a focal point for Epi-related teaching and to support research activities. The Epi-cell was created to fill this gap to integrate the build-up expertise. Concretely, it wishes to provide students with epidemiological skills and competences to conduct professional-level public health research, disease surveillance, program evaluation, public health practice, and epidemiological research. It further seeks to warrant, faculty broad, a common vision on skills and competences needed in (bio-)medical training programs, to coordinate Epi-related training modules supported by the Faculty and to nourish the Faculty on the development of contemporary epidemiological teaching programs.

Any news or activities regarding Epi-related teaching or research will be posted on this page (e.g., alumni events).