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Venue: Rubens Auditorium, Palace of the Academies (KVAB), Hertogstraat/Rue Ducale 1, 1000 Brussels

     Thursday 6 February 2020
09:00  Astrid De Wit, Michael Meeuwis & Frank Brisard Opening
09:30  Tom Güldemann Time marking beyond tense and aspect with particular focus on Bantu
10:15 Coffee break  
10:45  Thera Crane Modal functions of (tense-)aspect markers in Bantu
11:30  Agnès Celle The mirative extensions of motion verbs in non-canonical questions
12:15  Lunch break
13:45 Pier Marco Bertinetto Stylistic functions of abrupt aspectual shifts: examples from modern Italian narrative texts
14:30 Adeline Patard A counterfactual cycle: Evidence from the French imperfect
15:15  Coffee Break
15:45 Agata Kochańska The control cycle and the perfective/imperfective contrast in Polish
16:30 Discussion (including a brief description of the main ideas of De Wit & Dickey)
17:15 Reception


    Friday 7 February 2020
08:30 Monique Flecken Aspect and event comprehension
09:15 Aliyah Morgenstern, Christophe Parisse & Sophie de Pontonx Children's development of time, modality and aspect: Constructing a world within language
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 Connie de Vos Modality-specific and language-specific elements of sign language acquisition: Perfective aspect in Kata Kolok
11:15 Carol Madden Differential focus in ongoing and completed events
12:00 Eitan Grossman & Malte Rosemeyer Why do grammaticalization pathways recur? An experimental approach
12:45 Lunch break
13:45 Laura Michaelis The English resultative present perfect: What is the Event Elaboration Constraint?
14:30 Martijn van der Klis, Bert Le Bruyn, Jos Tellings & Henriëtte de Swart Tense use in discourse and dialogue: Prototypical and non-prototypical uses of the PERFECT
15:15 Coffee break
15:45 Discussion