Neurodegenerative disorders

IMARK has internationally recognized expertise in the field of imaging neurodegenerative disorders. Over the years an impressive expertise on pre-clinical imaging of various transgenic animal models (APP/PS1, TASTPM, PDAPP, BRI, TG2576 etc.) of Alzheimer Disease has been established. We have validated methods for amyloid quantification (PIB, AV-45, FBB) and monitoring of various aspects of brain function (fMRI, FDG-PET, rs fMRI, MRS, DKI MRI, etc.). The acquired information is of invaluable importance for the development of multi-variate early biomarkers of Alzheimer disease and the evaluation of disease-modifying drugs.

Furthermore, our imaging expertise is  applied to study a range of (patho)physiological processes (including brain activation, cerebral perfusion, neurodegeneration, demyelinization, neuro inflammation,  loss of functional connectivity etc.) in a variety of diseases (Multiple Sclerosis, Huntington, schizophrenia, addiction, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), depression, etc.)