Imaging Devices and Accessories

Performing state-of-the-art (imaging) research often requires innovative solutions that are not commercially available yet.

Within IMARK we have (co-)developed solutions for pre-clinical transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), bladder flushing during imaging to prevent tracer accumulation in the bladder (that interferes with quantification of targets located in the vicinity), fMRI-compatible ECG electrodes, peripheral tools for PET awake imaging (PET cage for freely moving and interacting mice), etc.

These developments are aimed to progress our internal research, but by partnering with commercial partners we try to make these innovative products available for the entire research community as well. The co-development of a pre-clinical TMS coil together with the company MagVenture is one of our success stories that bring the tool of pre-clinical TMS research within reach of the whole neuromodulation community.

A second commercially available product involves an accessory for bladder flushing during molecular imaging to reduce accumulation of the radiotracer in the bladder. This bladder flusher device has been developed in collaboration with the French company Minerve Equipement Veterinaire.