Research topics

  • Mast cell and basophil activation and degranulation

  • Immediate and delayed drug hypersensitivity

  • Hymenoptera venom allergy

  • Cannabis allergy

  • Food allergy

  • Mastocytosis/clonal mast cell diseases

  • Hypertryptasemia

  • Hereditary and acquired angio-edema 

Publications in the spotlight

A peculiar case of sensitization to Candelilla Cera and sucrose (di)stearate in a toddler
Darrigade Anne-Sophie   Dendooven Ella   Mangodt Evelyne   Vermander Evert   Hagendorens Margo   Aerts Olivier  
Contact dermatitis - ISSN 0105-1873-82:1p. 54-55
Cross-reactivity in IgE-mediated allergy to cefuroxime : focus on the R1 side chain
Van Gasse Athina   Ebo Didier   Faber Margaretha   Elst Jessy   Hagendorens Margo   Bridts Christiaan   Mertens Christel   De Clerck Luc S.   Romano Antonino   Sabato Vito  
The journal of allergy and clinical immunology : in practice - ISSN 2213-2201-8:3 (2020) p. 1094-1096
The presence of sulfites in 'natural rubber latex' and 'synthetic' rubber gloves : an experimental pilot study
Dendooven Ella   Darrigade A.-S.   Foubert Kenn   Pieters Luc   Lambert Julien   Goossens A.   Aerts Olivier  
British journal of dermatology - ISSN 0007-0963-182:4p. 1054-1055
Anaphylaxis to sugammadex-rocuronium inclusion complex : an IgE-mediated reaction due to allergenic changes at the sugammadex primary rim
Ebo Didier   Baldo Brian A.   Van Gasse Athina   Mertens Christel   Elst Jessy   Sermeus Luc   Bridts Christiaan   Hagendorens Margo   De Clerck Luc S.   Sabato Vito  
Journal of allergy and clinical immunology : in practice - ISSN 2213-2201-8:4 (2020) p. 1410-1415
A bad cough : delayed cutaneous hypersensitivity caused by pholcodine
Van Acker Julie   Ebo Didier   Faber Margaretha   Sabato Vito   Suys Erwin   Coghe Marjan   Aerts Olivier  
The journal of allergy and clinical immunology. In practice - ISSN 2213-2198-8:4 (2020) p. 1449-1451

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