IOF consortium NANOcenter

The NANOcenter consortium consists of three research groups, with complementary expertise in the field of nanoscience and nanomaterials:

  • Electron Microscopy for Materials Science (EMAT)
  • Condensed Matter Theory (CMT)
  • Plasma, Laser Ablation & Surface Modelling Antwerp (PLASMANT)

The consortium operates in the domain "Advanced materials characterization and computational modelling".

Our mission is to achieve maximal synergetic effect and valorization outcome implementing the joint characterization and modeling expertise in various areas of nanoscience and nanotechnology, responding together to the modern international trends, challenges and strategic priorities of advanced materials technology programs.

Available R&D services:

  • Structural and chemical characterization by means of scanning/transmission electron microscopy
  • Computer simulations of the growth of nanostructures formed in plasmas or by laser interaction
  • Theoretical modelling of nanostructures and their functional properties and high-throughput screening of new materials.


Alexander Neirinckx Campus Groenenborger
Groenenborgerlaan 171
2020 Antwerp
Tel. +32 3 265 32 59