Members of the Research Group in International Politics teach in the master in International Relations and Diplomacy (Dutch) and in the master in Political Sciences (Dutch/English):

Master in International Relations and Diplomacy

The Master in International Relations and Diplomacy adresses the traditional problems of war and peace, but also newer problems of transnational nature. These issues are analyzed on a critical and multidisciplinary way, emphasizing the use of original methods and perspectives. In our courses we explore:

  • the classic theories of international relations and negotation.
  • historical, juridical and economic perspectives on international politics.
  • the development of practical skills in presentation and negotiation.

Aside from these more general courses, we offer a wide variety of electives in the clusters of international security, political economy, international politicy and order and justice.

Master in Political Sciences

The Master of Political Science aims to improve understanding of political decision-making from different perspectives. In our courses we explore:

  • how and why citizens participate in politics? Who participates and who doesn’t?
  • how elected politicians translate their political preferences into political action?
  • what impact can policy professionals such as advisors, consultants or civil servants have on policy decisions?
  • how institutions constrain and enable the potential for political cooperation?