Master of International Relations and Diplomacy

Master of International Relations and Diplomacy

This programme is taught in Dutch. On these pages, and for informational purposes only, we provide basic information about this programme in English.

To find out more, we kindly refer you to the detailed information in Dutch:

Programme info

Admission requirements

  • Direct: bachelor of history, political science, political science and sociology (major political science) bachelor of social and military sciences (RMA), bachelor of Social Sciences (major Political Sciences), master of comparative and European politics; NL: bachelor of history, bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences, bachelor of politicology, bachelor of political history and international relations, bachelor of Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics, bachelor of Social Science (minor History)
  • With preparatory programme: other academic bachelors
  • With bridging programme: professional bachelor in business management, communicatie communication management, International Business Management, International Communication and Media,  international Journalism, journalism, social work and applied psychology, NL: HBO bachelor business economics, business management MER (management, economics and law), Business Management, Business Studies, public management, commercial communication management, commercial economics, communication and media, communication management, communication science, Communication, cultural and social training, European Studies, International Business and Languages, integral safety (studies), International Business Management Studies, International Communication, International Communication Management, journalism, media- and entertainment management, media-information and communication, Media-Marketing and Publishing, staff and labour, teacher training advanced education of the second degree social science, Public Managemen, law, social and legal service, Social Work
  • With bridging programma after permission: other HBO bachelors