PhD student

Chloë De Laet

In 2019, I graduated in Biomedical Sciences with a focus on Neurosciences in the UCLouvain in Brussels. During my master thesis - under the supervision of Pr. Vandermeeren, neurologist at CHU UCL Namur - I focused on motor impairment consecutive to an ischemic stroke. We assessed the impairment and the recovery in chronic patients (> 6 months after stroke) using a bimanual motor skill learning task on a robotic device after noninvasive brain stimulations on the motor areas. A 3-months internship inside BrainImpact, private neuromarketing company lead by Arnaud Pêtre, taught me a lot about MRI and clinical research. Those past experiences gave me the tools to start a PhD in LEIA in December 2019. My thesis explores the impact of spaceflight on the equilibrium. Therefore, I will investigate both the vestibular system through oculography and brain changes using magnetic resonance imaging.