Lore Van den Bergh wins first prize during CRF-ChemCYS 2022

During the CRF-ChemCYS conference 2022 in Blankenberge, Lore Van den Bergh wins the first prize for best presentation in the category 'Chemistry meets Biology'.

Second price in EUChemSociety Video contest on Safety

Two teams of LADCA applied for the EUChemSociety Video contest on Safety.

  • Wouter Van Hoey, Sander Bossier and Radu-George Ciocarlan achieved the second price with their video on general safety in the lab.
  • Kaimin Zhang and Jinxin Wang applied with a video on working with autoclaves in the LADCA lab.

Second price in EUChemSociety Video contest

Article of Dr. Jeroen Van Dijck in Applied Surface Science

Synthesis – properties correlation and the unexpected role of the titania support on the Grignard surface modification of Dr. Jeroen Van Dijck is accepted for publication in Applied Surface Science.

Project Video Partial-PGMs

Watch the video about the Horizon 2020 project of the European Union, Partial-PGMs, and the interviews with the different project partners.

AHA! award 2019 of the University of Antwerp

"FunMem on the promising longlist of the AHA award 2019 of the University of Antwerp. Nice recognition for open innovation team work between the Unversity and VITO to advance ceramic membrane technology in a broad range of applications. Great team, exciting future together."