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Research mission

The research activities in the laboratory of Adsorption and Catalysis are focussed on: - The development of new micro- and mesoporous inorganic materials; - The development of materials with a combined micro- and mesoporous structure; - Optimalization of synthesis pathways for inorganic materials with a controlled porosity; - Catalytic activation of porous materials; - Optimalization of porous materials for efficient gas- and liquid separations; - Characterization of porous materials.

Our lab in action

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Article of Dr. Jeroen Van Dijck in Applied Surface Science

Synthesis – properties correlation and the unexpected role of the titania support on the Grignard surface modification of Dr. Jeroen Van Dijck is accepted for publication in Applied Surface Science. Now 50 days free access using the link!

AHA! award 2019 of the University of Antwerp

"FunMem on the promosing longlist of the AHA award 2019 of the University of Antwerp. Nice recognition for open innovation team work between the university and VITO to advance ceramic membrane technology in a broad range of applications. Great team, exciting future together."

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Project Video Partial-PGMs

Watch here the video about the Horizon 2020 project of the European Union, Partial-PGMs, and the interviews with the different project partners.

ENMIX paper awards

The research of LADCA has been awarded with 2 best paper awards at the ENMIX meeting 2019! More information at our awards page.

Publications in the spotlight

Bifunctional nickel-nitrogen-doped-carbon-supported copper electrocatalyst for $CO_{2}$ reduction
Choukroun Daniel   Daems Nick   Kenis Thomas   Van Everbroeck Tim   Hereijgers Jonas   Altantzis Thomas   Bals Sara   Cool Pegie   Breugelmans Tom  
The journal of physical chemistry: C : nanomaterials and interfaces - ISSN 1932-7447-124:2 (2020) p. 1369-1381
In-depth structural characterization and magnetic properties of quaternary ferrite systems $Co_{0.5}Zn_{0.25}M_{0.25}Fe_{2}O_{4}$ (M = Ni, Cu, Mn, Mg)
Ciocarlan Radu-George   Arcon Iztok   Pui Aurel   Mertens Myrjam   Tusar Natasa Novak   Seftel Elena M.   Cool Pegie  
Journal of alloys and compounds - ISSN 0925-8388-816 (2020)
Engineering a highly defective stable UiO-66 with tunable Lewis- Brønsted acidity : the role of the hemilabile linker
Feng Xiao   Hajek Julianna   Jena Himanshu Sekhar   Wang Guangbo   Veerapandian Savita K.P.   Morent Rino   De Geyter Nathalie   Leyssens Karen   Hoffman Alexander E.J.   Meynen Vera   Marquez Carlos   De Vos Dirk E.   Van Speybroeck Veronique   Leus Karen   Van der Voort Pascal  
Journal of the American Chemical Society - ISSN 0002-7863-142:6 (2020) p. 3174-3183
Amperometric flow-injection analysis of phenols induced by reactive oxygen species generated under daylight irradiation of titania impregnated with horseradish peroxidase
Rahemi Vanousheh   Trashin Stanislav   Hafideddine Zainab   Van Doorslaer Sabine   Meynen Vera   Gorton Lo   De Wael Karolien  
Analytical chemistry - ISSN 0003-2700-92:5 (2020) p. 3643-3649
Spinel nanoparticles on stick-like Freudenbergite nanocomposites as effective smart-removal photocatalysts for the degradation of organic pollutants under visible light
Ciocarlan Radu-George   Seftel Elena M.   Gavrila Raluca   Suchea Mirela   Batuk Maria   Mertens Myrjam   Hadermann Joke   Cool Pegie  
Journal of alloys and compounds - ISSN 0925-8388-820 (2020)

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General Contact

Laboratory of Adsorption and Catalysis (LADCA)
Department of Chemistry
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