Research profile of a Law & Development researcher

L&D researchers:​

  • Adopt a critical approach to law(s) and legal structures contextualized across time and space;
  • Have affinity with research from disciplines beyond the law and/or engage in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary work;
  • Engage with issues of global (in)justice;
  • Show an interest and vocation in injustices across the globe and the way in which practices and decisions in the Global North and the Global South are interconnected;
  • Relate to the research lines on law, sustainable development and/or human rights.


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Former members of the research group include Alexia Herwig, Veronique Joosten, Tine Destrooper, Rubin John Thomas, Gorik Ooms, Claire Buggenhoudt, Wim Weymans, Ellen Desmet, Julie Ryngaert, Hajar Azari, Marc Bossuyt, Laura Garcia Martin, Daniel Ogunniyi, Pascal Sundi, Richard Lumbika, Michael Wiebusch.