Key book publications

Below are some books listed that the research groups considers to be key to its research agenda:  

Wouter Vandenhole (ed.)

Challenging Territoriality in Human Rights law, Building blocks for a Plural and Diverse Duty-Bearer Regime

ISBN 978-1-13-879945-5

Routledge – 2015 – 256 pages

Series: Routledge Research in Human Rights Law


Wolfgang Benedek (ed.), Koen De Feyter (ed.), Matthias C. Kettemann (ed.), Christina Voigt (ed.)

The Common Interest in International Law

Intersentia UK, 2014 - 234 pp.

Research topic: Human Rights: A Common Responsibility


book cover

Langford M., Vandenhole Wouter, Scheinin M., van Genugten W. [edit.]

Global justice, state duties : the extraterritorial scope of economic, social and cultural rights in international law

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013.- 477 p.

Research topic: Human Rights: A Common Responsibility

Wouter Vandenhole

Extraterritorial Human Rights Obligations: Taking Stock, Looking Forward 

European Journal of Human Rights, 2013/5

Research topic: Human Rights: A Common Responsibility

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De Feyter Koen, Parmentier S., Timmerman C., Ulrich G.  [edit.]

The local relevance of human rights

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011.- 400 p. 

(EIUC Studies in human rights and democratisation; 3)

Research topic: Localising Human Rights

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De Feyter Koen [edit.]

Globalization and common responsibilities of states

Farnham: Ashgate, 2013.- 536 p. 

(The international library of essays on globalization and law)

Research topic: Globalisation and Sustainable Development

special issue cover

Aroussi Sahla, De Feyter Koen and Vandeginste Stef [edit.]

Special Issue: Law, power-sharing and human rights

International journal of human rights, 17:2 (2013).

Research topic: Human Rights, Peace and Justice