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Faculty of Business and Economics
Secretariat Marketing Department
Stadscampus - Building B
Room S.B.213
Prinsstraat 13
B-2000 Antwerp
Tel. +32 3 265 49 86

Research mission

In recent years and currently, research has been conducted one the one hand in the area of consumer behaviour and marketing communication. Specific research topics include: - The impact of media context on advertising effectiveness - Consumer behaviour with respect to fair trade products - Optimal advertising strategies for different types of brand strategies and new product introductions - The persuasive power of fear appeals in social profit campaigns - Advertising on interactive digital television - The impact of different persuasive strategies in health communication - Customer loyalty modelling On the other hand research has focussed on product/service innovation and distribution management. Specific research topics include: - Services innovation, in particular the role of communication and organizational/marketing interfaces during the project-life cycle - Organizational antecedents and impact of knowledge building/learning during service innovation within emerging digital markets. - Customer co-created knowledge : the impact & nature during the innovation process of high-tech services - Online consumer behaviour, store environments & retailing : the impact of the store environment on affective, cognitive and conative consumer reactions - Conceptual integration & development of a more generic classification of distribution service outputs