Rehabilitation Science and Physiotherapy

Study programme

The study programme consists of a bachelor of sciences in Rehabilitation Science and Physiotherapy of 180 credits (3 years) and an master of sciences in Rehabilitation Science and Physiotherapy of 120 credits (2 years). It is possible to follow an individualized study programme.
During the final year of the master programme the student chooses a speciality such as:


The goal of the academic bachelor programme is to prepare the student to enter the academic master programme.
The goal of the academic master programme is to allow the student to develop knowledge and competences that are needed for the physiotherapist to perform at the optimum level in different professional roles:
1. Clinician
2. Scientific researcher
3. Professional


The internship takes place in qualitatively high training centres, in both university and regional general hospitals. Students also train in outpatients' clinics, paediatric departments of hospitals, schools for special education, elderly homes and sport-centres. In this way the students get acquainted with a wide range of patients and disorders. The training centres are all located in the Antwerp region. A training abroad is possible within the Erasmus project (or as a 'free mover'). For this purpose a collaboration programme with foreign institutes has been developed.


To become a certified physiotherapist, the student has to defend an individually made dissertation before a jury at the end of the 1st and 2nd master year. The student can choose his own subject, but it must belong to the field of physiotherapy, preferably to one of the research topics of one of the three physiotherapy research groups in our departement. The dissertation has to be based on scientific research and should be presented as a scientific article.