Research Mission

The central research theme of MOVANT is rehabilitation and movement. Our research is clustered into 3 focus domains (MetaMove, MoveAdapt, MoveMe), each with strong affinity for rehabilitation, movement and improvement of quality of life, studied from different angles: prognostic, diagnostic, interventional, mechanistic, technological, etc.

Within these three focus domains, different disorders are studied with regards to the musculoskeletal system (e.g. neuromotor disorders, chronic shoulder complaints, chronic low back pain, temporomandibular disorders, pelvic floor disorders, osteoarthritis, etc.), the metabolism (e.g. diabetes, obesity, etc.), the vestibular system (e.g. bilateral vestibulopathy, vestibular deficit, chronic dizziness, etc.), the cardiovascular system (e.g. stroke, heart failure, cardiorespiratory training, lymphedema, etc.), the respiratory system (e.g. long rehabilitation, cardiorespiratory fitness, etc.), skin and connective tissue (e.g. burns, surgical scars, etc.), oncology (e.g. breast cancer, pain, fatigue, etc.), the nerve system (e.g. chronic pain, tinnitus, potty training problems, maturation of the nerve system, etc.).

Within these focus domains, research is performed in different populations: healthy subjects and patients with disorders, children – adults – elderly, specific target groups (e.g. artists, athletes, heavy duty occupations, women in the postnatal period, …), etc.

The focus domains are supported by three research laboratories.