November 7, 2023 — MIGLOBA — CESSMIR — BIRMM research day: Migration and Technology

On the 7th of November, MIGLOBA jointly held with CESSMIR and BIRMM a research day on "Migration and Technology".  The day offered an opportunity to reflect on the transformative effects of technological advancements on society and migration management, and the diverse experiences of mobility. The research day fostered inspiring discussions and provided numerous networking opportunities.

We started the day with insightful keynotes from:

  • Prof. dr. Tuba Bircan (VUB) on the application of big data in migration studies.
  • Prof. dr. Elisabetta Costa (University of Antwerp) on the intersection of social media and migration.
  • Prof. dr. Julien Jeandesboz (Université Libre de Bruxelles) on technology in border surveillance.

Afternoon workshops gave participants the opportunity to delve into specific research methods:

  • Prof. dr. Jonas Wood and dr. Dries Lens (University of Antwerp) discussed Large-Scale Linked Register Data.
  • Prof. dr. Elisabetta Costa and prof. dr. Griet Steel (University of Antwerp) introduced digital ethnography techniques.
  • Prof. dr. Julien Jeandesboz, Soline Ballet, and Imane Bendra led a workshop on technology in migration enforcement.

We are deeply grateful to all the attendees for their engaging participation, which was crucial in making the event a resounding success. We invite you to enjoy the curated selection of photographs from the symposium in the gallery below.