Personal Rights and Property Rights (PRĀ²)

PR2’s core research domain is private (international) law. Our research programme is divided in four interconnected lines: personality rights, contractualisation, liability & accountability, and kinship studies. The focus in our research programme is on private ordering in private (international) law. Multi-level governance and globalisation is our content driver and socio-legal studies our methodological driver.

PR2 is the hub for exciting research in the broader structures of:

  • FWO Scientific Research Network (WOG 2015-2020) RETHINKIN – Rethinking Legal Kinship & Family Studies in the Low Countries, of which we are the core group.
  • University of Antwerp Centre of Excellence FAMCARE – Family Dynamics & Care (BOF 2015-2020), of which we are a co-promoter.
  • Antwerp Health Law and Ethics Chair, an externally endowed University of Antwerp Chair.
  • Antwerp Liability Law and Insurance Chair, an externally endowed University of Antwerp Chair.

The projects of PR2 are linked with:

  • The Law Faculty’s Key Research Domains Personality Rights and Multi-level governance & Subsidiarity that link the Faculty’s different research groups and centres
  • The University (Emerging) Key Research Domains Socio-economic Policy and Organisation, Multi-level governance, Globalisation & Federalism, Urban History and Contemporary Urban Policy, Neurosciences and Drug Discovery and Development.
Research Team


Prof. dr. Britt Weyts Stadscampus, Building V
S.V. 230
Venusstraat 23
2000 Antwerp
Tel. +32 3 265 54 88

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    Themacolleges Dier en Recht
    25/09-21/11: deze themacolleges geven een omvattend beeld van het hedendaags statuut van het dier in de meest uiteenlopende rechtstakken.