• Post-graduate students who would like to propose their own PhD topic and apply for a personal grant along the research lines of PLECO, are encouraged to contact one of the PLECO professors ( In Flanders, the most important granting agency for fundamental and applied PhD research is the FWO.

Employment policy

As an actively pluralistic institution, the University of Antwerp wishes to be a stimulating environment for all of its members‚Äč. 

PLECO offers a family friendly working environment, applying the University's recruitment and sustainable gender policy with a focus on equal opportunities and diversity. When planning meetings, family-friendly starting and ending times are taken into account. We make sure that our employees can combine their private lives with their jobs.

PLECO operates in a global society and we therefore aim to stimulate the international orientation of all staff members. We support the Science4Refugees initiative and encourage asylum-seeking, refugee scientists and researchers to apply for a job in PLECO.