European Integration Courses

The Chair’s academic teaching load is almost entirely focused on European Integration, yet very diverse in terms of content, teaching methods and curricula. The courses are mainly taught in English, organized by the department of Political Science and serve bachelor and master students in Political Science, Political Communication, and International Relations and Diplomacy. In addition, courses are offered in the Faculty of Sciences and the Antwerp Management School. 

European Integration, Bachelor in Political Science, introductory course on European integration

EU as a Political System, Master in Political Science and Master in International Relations and Diplomacy, advanced course on the politics of the EU

EU Environmental Policy, Master in Environmental Sciences and Master in International Relations and Diplomacy, EU environmental policy for students from multiple disciplines

Skills Lab, Master in Political Science, professional skills such as negotiation, policy brief writing and position paper writing, mainly in the context of EU policy-making

EU Negotiation Seminar, Master in Political Science, Master in Political Communication, Master in International Relations and Diplomacy, Master in Law, preparation for and participation in a transatlantic simulation of EU decision-making (EuroSim)

Multilevel Governance, Executive Master in Public Management (Antwerp Management School)