Q-INSPEX, beyond the visible

Our goal is to help companies and organisations worldwide to solve their non-destructive inspection challenges by revealing the "invisible information".

Therefore, the Q-INSPEX consortium offers and develops innovative technical solutions for non-invasive imaging using X-ray imaging, Terahertz imaging, Hyperspectral imaging and Thermography. 


We engage in collaborative R&D with industry, academia and non-profit institutions through bilateral, multilateral or government-funded channels:

A few examples of the broad range of solutions for which we develop technology:

  • R&D tools to measure specific characteristics of materials (e.g. food structures or polymers)
  • quality control procedures implemented within an industrial setting (i.e. compatible with processing speeds)
  • in-field inspections of crops and infrastructure (e.g. corrosion detection)

We offer solutions for a wide variety of domains: additive manufacturing, composites, art objects, textiles, archaeology, crops, food, etc.