Q-INSPEX consists of 4 multidisciplinary research teams of physicists, chemists, computer scientists and engineers, from UAntwerp, each with their expertise in  imaging technologies (X-ray, Infrared, TeraHertz and Hyperspectral). By pooling these complementary technologies we cover a large area of the electromagnetic spectrum. This creates a new way of looking at the world and enables us to find innovative solutions for your industrial inspection challenge.


  • (VLAB )
  • Prof. Jan Sijbers, Spokesperson of Q-INSPEX
  • Prof. Jan De Beenhouwer
  • Prof. Paul Scheunders
  • Industrial Vision Lab


    Prof. Gunther Steenackers

    Antwerp X-ray Analysis, Electrochemistry and Speciation


    Prof. Koen Janssens

    Antwerp Cultural Heritage Sciences


    Prof. Geert Van der Snickt