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Text editions

Edition 'Die Evangelische Peerle' (by Albert Ampe - ca. 1993)

Edition ‘Die Evangelische Peerle’ (by Albert Ampe – ca. 1993):

Albert Ampe S.J.(1912-2004), member of the Ruusbroec Institute from 1946 until 1997, dedicated a considerable amount of his research time to the mystical treatise Die evangelische peerle (see the articles in his bibliography in Ons Geestelijk Erf, 63 (1989), p. 121-154). He intended to crown his year long study with a critical edition of the treatise. However, he was not able to finish this project: it stranded in the proofing phase.

The Ruusbroec Institute keeps a copy of these proofs (no signature). The critical text does not comply to the present standards for a critcial edition, because it is a collage of different textual witnesses, which in turn have been corrected with the aid of other textual witnesses. The largest part of the text has been edited based on the first edition of Die grote evangelische peerle (1537/1538, siglum P1), while the rest was based on the manuscript The Hague, Koninklijke Bibliotheek, 74 H  51 (siglum H) and the first edition of Margarita evengelica, the so-called small Peerle (1535, siglum 1535). Ampe hoped to reach the original version of the Peerle this way. Nevertheless, his reconstruction never excisted as such. The edition, however, holds a treasure trove full of information on the textual witnesses, on the structure of the Peerle in its consecutive editions and above all on the nearly countless sources from which it had derived.

It would be a shame to let all this information go to waste. Therefore it has been scanned and will be made available digitally. This scan is not perfect, because the copy is not perfect. Nevertheless it is readable and search questions are executed (almost always) correctly. The reproduction therefore is a goldmine for any Peerle researcher.

The scan is accompanied by a concordance, which shows on which pages the chapters of the first edition of the Peerle (1537-1538) can be found in de proofs of the Ampe edition. For each chapter the textual witness that served as the starting point for the edition of that chapter is mentioned: H, p or P1.

Additions to publications

Complete Ruusbroec: sources and index (by Guido de Baere - 2014)

Ruusbroec: Sources, Parallel Passages, Index of Sources (2014) (pdf - 1 Mb)

Text by prof. dr. em. Guido de Baere S.J.

Repertorium of Middle Dutch sermons: addenda and errata (by Daniël Ermens - 2010)

The completion of the Repertorium of Middle Dutch sermons preserved in manuscripts from before 1550 (vols. 1-7) late 2008 marked the end of an intensive ten year inventorizing period. Maria Sherwood-Smith, Patricia Stoop, Willemien van Dijk and Daniël Ermens, supervised by Christoph Burger and Thom Mertens, found a total of 12,000 sermons in 550 manuscripts. The emergence of new information which results in changes in the text of the reperotium calls for an accesible overview. Most additions and corrections concern minor mistakes in the Repertorium, like typing errors and transcription errors, or missing bibliographical information. Only a few larger interventions were necessary, resulting in changes for parallel sermons and the indexes as well.

Repertorium of Middle Dutch sermons preserved in manuscripts from before 1550. vols. 1-7. Leuven: Peeters, 2003 en2008.

  • dl. 1-3: Maria Sherwood-Smith & Patricia Stoop (2003)
  • dl. 4-7: Daniël Ermens & Willemien van Dijk (2008)

Addenda en errata - version 2010B - by Daniël Ermens (pdf - 0,1 Mb).

Approbation indices of early printed books (by Theo Clemens - 2006)

The indices of approbations in early printed books from the Low Countries have been created by Theo Clemens and result from his own research.

Version: 7 August 2006 (in Dutch)

  • ​Title page: Register van goedkeuringen in drukken uit de Nederlanden als boekhistorisch element (pdf - 0,1 Mb)
  • Introduction (pdf - 0,1 Mb)
  • Approbation index 1: ordered by censor, approbation date, year of publication (pdf - 0,7 Mb)
  • Approbation index 2: ordered by approbation date, title, year of publication (pdf - 0,7 Mb)
  • Approbation index 3: ordered by author, title, year of publication (pdf - 0,6 Mb)
  • Approbation index 4: ordered by title, approbation date, year of publication (pdf - 0,7 Mb)
  • Approbation index 5: ordered by location of approbation, approbation date, title (pdf - 0,7 Mb)

Index of imagery in 'Dat rijcke der ghelieven' (by Hilde Noë - 2001)

These indices have been used as documentation in Hilde Noë's research project In een verwonderen van al deser rijcheit. Het beeldgebruik in Jan van Ruusbroecs Dat rijcke der ghelieven, Leuven: Peeters, 2001 (Antwerpse Studies over Nederlandse Literatuurgeschiedenis, 7), 326 pages.

  • Hilde Noë, Index of imagery, ordered by 'comparant' (pdf - 0,4 Mb - in Dutch)
  • Hilde Noë, Index of imagery, ordered by position in text (pdf - 0,4 Mb - in Dutch)
  • Hilde Noë, Index of imagery, ordered by 'comparé' (pdf - 0,4 Mb - in Dutch)
  • Hilde Noë, Index of imagery, ordered by type of imagery (pdf - 0,4 Mb - in Dutch)


Word of thanks (by Guido de Baere - 2010)

3 December 2010: Word of thanks (pdf - 0,1 Mb, in Dutch) by Guido de Baere when he was given the liber amicoris De letter levend maken (Kees Schepers and Frans Hendrickx, reds), Leuven: Peeters, 2010.