Carrying out research at the Ruusbroec Institute

The Ruusbroec Institute encourages (international) scholars to do research at the Institute, and make use of its collections and expertise.

Strengths of the Ruusbroec Institute

  • our expertise is not limited to one period in time, but crosses the borders of the traditional eras (e.g. Middle Ages, Renaissance, Modern era)
  • we have expertise in many different fields of research (e.g. historical, theological, literary, book-historical)
  • we have an excellent, independent and up-to-date research library, and other important libraries are close by: Antwerp University Library, Printing Museum Plantin-Moretus, Heritage Library Hendrik Conscience
  • we are a dynamic research institute with a large (inter)national network; we organize and participate in conferences, and reach out to a wider non-academic audience as well
  • we operate within the infrastructure of the University of Antwerp
  • we have a strong tradition of hosting international PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and (independent) scholars

The University of Antwerp

For questions about accommodation, please contact the International Housing Officer of the University of Antwerp.

More information can be found on the website of the University of Antwerp:

  • information for international staff
  • information for international students

Visiting scholars

Over the years many researchers have spent time doing research at the Ruusbroec Institute. In recent years we have welcomed:

  • Patricia Dailey (USA)
  • Peter M. Daly (Canada)
  • Anna Dlabacovà (Netherlands)
  • Suzan Folkerts (Netherlands)
  • Willem Frijhoff (Netherlands)
  • Craig Harline (USA)
  • Luciano Micali (Germany)
  • Louise Nelstrop (United Kingdom)
  • Judith Pollmann (Netherlands)
  • Steven Rozenski (USA)
  • Henrik von Achen (Norway)
  • Xiang-Long Zhang (China)
  • Barbara Zimbalist (USA)