The Toxicological Centre has developed a research direction - Environmental Toxicology  - in which it has a strong and international reputation. There are various themes, some of them of recent nature.

The research direction has more than 20 years of experience in assessing human exposure, occurrence, fate and metabolism of POPs, flame retardants and endocrine disruptive chemicals. At the same time, we have developed a strong analytical platform for the detection of these contaminants in various environmental and biological matrices. This has enabled collaboration with a large number of research groups from the UA or from outside on the occurrence and fate of various POPs and flame retardants in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. A new research has been recently starting on the analysis of illicit drugs and pharmaceuticals (and their metabolites) in sewage. This approach offers also the possibility of assessing the consumption of drugs of abuse or pharmaceuticals, which can be of high importance for other instances, such as law enforcement, police or public health institutes.