Publications in the spotlight

The underlying drivers and future development of air cargo
Kupfer Franziska   Meersman Hilde   Onghena Evy   Van de Voorde Eddy  
Journal of air transport management - ISSN 0969-6997-61 (2017) p. 6-14
Imperfect competition in a network industry : the case of the European rail freight market
Laroche Florent   Sys Christa   Vanelslander Thierry   Van de Voorde Eddy  
Transport policy - ISSN 0967-070X-58 (2017) p. 53-61
Impact of scale increase of container ships on the generalised chain cost
van Hassel Edwin   Meersman Hilde   Van de Voorde Eddy   Vanelslander Thierry  
Maritime policy and management - ISSN 0308-8839-43:2 (2016) p. 192-208
Forecasting port-level demand for LNG as a ship fuel : the case of the port of Antwerp
Aronietis Raimonds   Sys Christa   van Hassel Edwin   Vanelslander Thierry  
Journal of shipping and trade - ISSN 2364-4575-1:2 (2016) p. 1-22
Maritime world cities : opening the black box of global maritime communications
Balliauw Matteo   Vanelslander Thierry   Verhetsel Ann  
Current issues in Transportation Research : proceedings of the BIVEC/GIBET Transport Research Days 2015, 28-29 May 2015, Eindhoven / Rasouli, Soora [edit.]-p. 221-227

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