Methusalem Research Day & ASCID evening symposium

We kindly invite you to the Methusalem Research Day edition 2018 on October 9th in Antwerp.
This Research Day will be followed by the 6th edition of our ASCID evening symposium on Human Challenge Studies.



Methusalem Research Day (14u-17u30): Campus Drie Eiken UAntwerpen, Building O, room O2, Universiteitsplein 1, 2610 Antwerpen
ASCID evening symposium (18u30-21u): Campus Drie Eiken UAntwerpen, Building Q, promotiezaal, Universiteitsplein 1, 2610 Antwerpen



13u30- 14u: Start registration

Session 1

Introduction – Chair: Prof. Herman Goossens

14u00-14u15  Welcoming - Prof. Herman Van Goethem, Rector University of Antwerp

14u15-14u45  "Building an Alliance for clinical research of Infectious Diseases in Europe" - Prof. Herman Goossens, University of Antwerp

14u45-15u15  "Social network dynamics and infectious disease propagation" - Prof. Niel Hens, University of Hasselt

15u15-15u45 "Polio Vaccine Study in quarantine - what's next?" - Prof. Pierre Van Damme, University of Antwerp


15u45-16u15 COFFEE BREAK


Session 2

16u15-16u45  "Vaccination against cancer and auto-immune diseases" - Prof. Zwi Berneman, University of Antwerp

16u45-17u15  "Health economics for the prevention and control of infectious diseases" - Prof. Philippe Beutels, University of Antwerp

17u15-17u30  Closing remarks - Prof. Luc De Schepper, Rector Universiteit Hasselt


ASCID symposium on Human Challenge Studies


18u00-18u30: Opening reception with coffee and sandwiches 

General Introduction - Prof. Zwi Berneman (VAXINFECTIO, LEH, UAntwerpen)

18u30-19u10  "CHIM: what can we do with these models from a regulatory viewpoint" – Pieter Neels, chair Human Vaccine Committee IABS 

19u10- 19u50  "The Ethical Aspects of Human Challenge Studies" – Dr. Hugh Davies, Oxford Chair Research Ethics Committee  

19u50- 20u30  “Developing novel controlled human infection models for parasitic diseases" - Dr. Meta Roestenberg, Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum (LUMC) 

Closing reception

21u00-22u00 Closing reception in the Foyer





Registration is free but mandatory. Please register here.


Kind regards

The Methusalem Consortium


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Methusalem Research Day 2015 - Programme

Methusalem Research Day edition 2015 -  “VAXINFECTIO goes GLOBAL” 

November 27nd in Antwerp.


Hof Van Liere, Frederik de Tassiszaal , Prinsstraat 13, 2000 Antwerpen (stadscampus UAntwerpen).


13u30- 14u: Start registration

Session 1 – Introduction – Chair: Prof. Herman Goossens

14u00-14u10  Welcoming (Prof. Alain Verschoren, Rector University of Antwerp)

14u15-14u25  Objectives of the Research Day (Prof. Herman Goossens and Prof. Geert Molenberghs)

14u25-14u35  Methusalem Cross Borders (Prof. Paul Janssen, Vice-Rector University of Hasselt)

Session 2 – VAXINFECTIO 2.0: What can VAXINFECTIO offer to the world? – Chair: Professor Geert Molenberghs

14u35-14u55  LMM: ‘Where infections meet drugs’ (Prof. Herman Goossens)

14u55-15u15  CEV:  ‘Where infections meet vaccines’ (Prof. Pierre Van Damme)

15u15-15u35  LEH: ‘Dendritic cell vaccination: The uniqueness of Antwerp’ (Prof. Zwi Berneman)

Session 3 – VAXINFECTIO in 3D: Multidisciplinary Research - Chair: Prof. Pierre Van Damme

16u00-16u20  CenStat: ‘Where infections meet statistics’ (Prof. Geert Molenberghs/Prof. Niel Hens)

16u20-16u40  ASCID: ‘Where infections meet the international network of the Antwerp Study Centre for Infectious Diseases (Of Mice and Men)’ (Prof. Zwi Berneman/Prof. Herwig Leirs)

16u40-17u00  VAXINFECTIO-PO: ‘Where infections meet technology’ (Kristof Vaes)

Closing Session - Chair: Prof. Philippe Beutels

17u-17u30  Panel discussion – ‘Where VAXINFECTIO changes policy’

17u30-17u45  Closing remarks (Prof. Jean-Pierre Timmermans, President of the UAntwerp Research Council)